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Here are some regular support questions;

I can’t remember my password. Can you help me?

If you know the email address you used at the time of registering…you’re in luck!

Just click here to fill in your email address once more, and we’ll send a reminder to you.

Am I allowed to share computers with a different member?


Friends, family, siblings, etc. are all permitted to play here using the same computer (and IP address) so far as these two simple rules are complied with;

  1. Every person playing ‘Must’ have and make use of their own personal account (no sharing of accounts)
  2. Every game played between individuals logging in from a particular computer ‘Must’ be unrated

How do I delete/close my account? 

We’re sad to see you leave

However, if you wish to completely close your account, please click here.(Please note that this link is for people who want to terminate their account, it is not for canceling premium memberships)

Further questions can be found on our FAQs page.

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