About Us

The Beginning

Glaurungchess.com was launched in 2010 when we made the decision that the world is in need of a more effective and efficient chess website. There were a lot of places to play online, however, none of them really felt like home.

We had a vision of a site where individuals could have the opportunity to build their chess home on the Internet and all in one place as well: to play in a friendly as well as a safe environment, search for friends, relive their chess stories, save their games, share ideas, and also learn from one another.Fortunately enough, Glaurungchess.com was made available through an auction house in Texas. We purchased the name.

In the course of the next several years, we invested our life savings, our hearts, and a lot of our waking hours into creating Glaurungchess.com. However we never in any way envisioned what it has turned out to be today!

Glaurungchess.com Today

– Glaurungchess.com plays host to over200,000 chess games on a daily basis. It’s crazy. Even we cannot believe it!

– Glaurungchess.com employs the services of over 20 people as content editors, programmers, and member support as well. This team is completely virtual (with no office) and represents twelve countries!

– Glaurungchess.com lends support to over 20 world class chess coaches, players, as well as professionals by putting them on a payroll so as to create great and awesome content.

Our Core Values

Glaurungchess.com strives to be more than just a chess site. We try to be a platform where chess fans from all over Texas and the World can be assured of being happy and safe as well while they develop as chess players. The following are what we truly believe in:

– Kindness: We believe that every individual deserves to be treated in a respectful way. We encourage every individual to adhere to the golden rule of relating to others how you would want to be treated as well. Be kind!

– Joy: We believe in laughter, fun, smiles, and in building enjoyable experiences for every individual. Chess can be true, pure, and undiluted joy! The magnificence of the game and the genuine fulfillment of shifting chess pieces all over a board.

– Learning: You are never on the losing end when you learn! Chess and life are both about learning, developing, experimenting, failing and thereafter getting back up again with better understanding and knowledge.