Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most popular questions have been provided below. In the event that you are not able to locate the answer you are searching for please send us an email via and we will be on hand to provide those answers to your questions.

Is every of the content situated in the DVDs available on the membership site?


How often do you add content to the membership site?

Fresh content is added over the course of the month. You could check out every of the update in the membership updates segment of the site.

How much does the membership costs?

$45/year or $5/month

Will the membership cost ever increase?

There are a few truly powerful features that would be added to the membership site. Every “active” functioning member would be grandfathered in at the rate with which they signed up with the site.

How can a membership be cancelled?

You could click on your name located in the top right to check your existing memberships as long as you signed up and paid on the site.

You will be required to terminate the automatic payment via PayPal as long as you signed up and paid through PayPal. Your account will no doubt stay active during the course of the length of time you have paid. Check out the following gradual steps within Paypal:

  • Log in to enter into your PayPal account.
  • Click Profile near the top end of the page.
  • Click the icon ‘My money’.
  • Click the icon’Update’ in the My preapproved payments segment.
  • Click Cancel, Cancel subscription, or Cancel automatic billing, and adhere to the instructions.

I have an existing membership however it does not show when I click on My Account?

If you are paying through PayPal then you will undoubtedly have an existing membership however it will not show under the ‘My Account’ icon. If you made payment on then you would see those memberships under the icon ‘My Account’. In the event that you have any questions send an email to us and we will provide answers to you as soon as possible

Will free content be added to the site?

Yes, surely, however, it would not be as frequent as the membership section.

Do you entertain requests for videos?

Yes. A lot of our ideas are from member emails so try to reach out to us in the event that you have an idea on anything you’d want us to put on the site.

What if I have questions concerning how to go about playing chess at

The software on the site to compete against opponents is set from is not able to help you with any problems you could encounter with tokens, records, logging in,or other things that could be found in the chess app. PlayChessOnline has a support team that you could be able to contact if you encounter any problems.