Play Instantly: With more than 50,000 users from over 45 countries already registered, there are thousands of online players at any particular point in time, meaning there’s always an opponent waiting to play against you. You don’t have to wait.

Game View

Watch Glaurung top competitions, listen to live commentary from the Grandmasters, chat with fellow players and follow the most exciting games all at the same time with the distinctive multi-board view on Glaurungchess.com.


Perhaps you would love some training with a master? We’ve got training available for players of all abilities and strengths, including private lessons. What do you think about pitting your wits against those of a big player in a simulation game?


The Ball Is In Your Court

Do you fancy a game of bullet or blitz or you would rather play a long game? You get to decide how long you want your games to last. On the other hand, you could transmit your club championship games online or start your own server tournament.

How Do You Rate?

Display your skills to everyone and see your ratings improve as a result of training and regular play. You can set up meetings with your club mates to compete in online tournaments and add some excitement and energy to those team rivalries.

Level Playing Field

On Glaurungchess.com, there are always opponents who are a perfect match for you at your skill level. Apart from this, you get to decide whether you want to play stronger opponents or not, whether your game will get a rating a not, in addition to how much time you get from the clocks.

All Set-Up

For your chess game to be functional, the board needs to be sensible. On Glaurungchess.com, you’ll get to use the specialized Fritz-style pieces.

No Waiting

If you prefer the blitz kind of game, then you don’t have to wait. Glaurungchess.com enables swift move exchanges with its high-bandwidth, high-performance servers and ping times that are seriously low.

We Are Always By Your Side

At Glaurungchess.com we strive to be fair. Therefore we employ a large team of Systems operators and tournament directors who are always ready to ensure that cheating players don’t spoil the fun for everybody else. With our intelligent monitoring software, there’s no place for cheaters to hide.



When you take a break from tournament chess, it affects your form adversely. On Glaurungchess.com, there’s an official competition for you to take part in virtually every weeknight for a podium finish and other prizes. Don’t forget the multitude of privately organized competitions.


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