Play Chess against a Computer Opponent

The original idea when was first launched was to give the chess fans a free and effectively available medium to prepare and enhance their chess strategic experience and learning.To actualize this idea, we provided a free online chess game where the human players could play for a boundless measure of time against a computer opponent that could never get exhausted by the same tactics, or become annoyed when a player wanted to take back a mistake while playing.

For this reason, we provided a unique flash based chess game that allows chess beginners to do all this but after some time we have realized that the time has come for a better solution to fulfill the original idea because most players have surpassed their computer opponents and have gained mastery at the game.

Play Chess Online Against Human and Computer Opponents

A couple of days ago, we had launched another chess game known as GlaurungChess, yet we made no announcements to the public instead it was done in a rather quite manner as it was important to require the time to test the performance of the game on the users on the site first.

There was obviously no compelling reason to shut down the old game site as we realized that majority of people may have already bookmarked the site by now and may actually end up preferring the old chess game to the new one. But, now we are convinced that the new game is capable of performing above standard so it is time to give it a bit more prominence.

This link will redirect you to our new site where you can play the new chess game against computer opponents with the added benefit of playing online with several other humans as well. Generally speaking we trust that this new game offers a superior experience to a wide variety of users.

Other Game Feedback

While paying attention to the feedback we have gotten over the first chess game, a couple of different things became obvious to us. A few players made mention of “bugs” which were actually not. Particularly that the game had prevented them from performing a castling move, or that the game was doing an illegal capture using pawns. A seasoned chess player would most likely come to the conclusion after listening to the descriptions that in fact, the player could not perform castling because he had previously moved his rook or king, which is one of the conditions preventing castling in the game.

Also, with the case of the illegal pawn captures, numerous players have clue about “en passant” therefore, it would seem that the rules of the game may have been broken by the computer opponent.For this reason, we have decided to provide online chess tutorials here at though it was never our intention at the start. We feel the time is due to give essential guidelines of the game so we may be able to lessen the players disappointment at what they think is cheating by the computer.

The Future for

In the next few months, we will be providing essential tutorials on how to play chess and also feature diagrams where necessary. This is to disperse some of the issues emerging for players on the site and to ensure that everyone develops their prowess in chess.